Design, Engineering, Installation, commissioning 

                                          Pre-Installation and Installation Activities 

Pre-Installation Activities :


1]   Survey – Topographical & Reconnaissance
2]  Design ,Engineering  
3]  Soil Testing
4]  Point marking for foundation
5]  Auguring & pile foundation
6]  Fencing
7]  Control Room construction
8]  Internal Access road
9]  All Other Required Documentation


Installation Activities :


1]   Sub structure erection
2]  Module Assembly
3]  Cable tray assembly
4]  Trenching of DC works
5]  DC cable assembly
6]  Cable harness and connectors.
7]  DC Combiner boxes mounting grounding wires.
8]  Laying of conduits in trench & fixing of conduit ,bush at the end openings near to mounting posts.
9]  Solar cable laying in conduits, terminations of solar cable at Combiner boxes & DC cables at Combiner  Boxes. 
10] Cable ties: To tie conduits with structure, to tie solar module cables, to tie cable harness at both  ends.
11]  Labeling for all cables, modules, rows, DCB’s and other electrical equipment labeling.
12]  String test of modules.
13]  Inspection and documentation
14]  Trenching of AC works; marking, refill of soil with AC cable laying, optical cable laying,
15]  Communication cables etc.- If required by the client.




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Comprehensive solution


Consultation: Whether you are a private homeowner or a commercial business, we will start with a Consultation to discuss your particular requirements and expectations. Our head office technical support team will help to facilitate your project and, if you are a commercial client, oversee the planning applications and any appeals and contract negotiation work. We also work in full package of survey, planning and installation services for building and landowners in the commercial and public sectors.


Survey and Quotation: Once we have carried out a site survey to assess the potential of your property and the opportunities it presents, we will provide you with a clear, decision.


System Design: If you decide to go ahead, we will design a microgeneration installation to meet your specific needs. We can also provide advice on energy efficiency and, if necessary, install additional insulation in your premises, to ensure you will benefit fully from the energy you generate.


Installation: We provide full installation by trained operatives.  They are able to install both rooftop and ground-based solar PV systems.